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20th-Jun-2008 11:42 am - Download Festival2008 feedback
Well, i've finally recovered enough to write out how i felt this years Download went. ^^

We all generally had a good time. There was much merry drinking, drugging and dancing involved, we saw lots of good bands and met many nice folk in the nearby camps. However, something this year just didnt seem the same as the previous festivals, the atmosphere just seemed completely different and no-one really seemed in the mood for it. It also became apparant that something was seriously up with the organisers budget this year. Everything was -hideously- over priced, stuff was worse quality than previous years and just generally seemed like the whole thing has been rushed.

What Made This Year Awesome:
- Saw some legendary bands including Motorhead, Judas Priest and Kiss.
- I shook hands with Fern Cotton and danced next to the lead singer of Pendulum.
- Jagermeister were supporting the festival. :)
- Saw Pendulum perform twice, once on stage and once in the Duracell Disco tent.

What Made This Year Suck:
- Overpriced food, drink, everything.
- Weather was pretty lousy
- Line-up was pretty lame.
- Had to walk over a mile to get to the stages everyday.
- The stages were set up in a really awkward, uncomfortable way.
- There was no TV coverage of the festival this year.

So year, kinda seemed the Suckiness out-did the Awesomeness this year, whatta shame. X( 
As for the line-up, im not entirely sure what happened this year... If you take a gander at 2007 there is NOTHING but AWESOME bands constantly on the mainstage, with some equally awesome ones on the smaller stages, for example, Slayer, Machine Head, Megadeth, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, Buckcherry, Lamb of God, it just goes on and on. Whereas this year we just seemd to have the bands which were on the very SMALLESt stage last year up on the main stage this year. My only guess is they had serious budget problems this year.
.......and WHO the FUCK charges £30 for 20 cans of cheap, watery beer!?  Honestly.... tsk

Whilst it was still fun i dont think i'll be going again unless it dramatically improves.
27th-May-2008 11:51 am - Nearing the end of this nightmare! :D
After months and months of seemingly endless research, typing, animating etc, its all finally comming to an end!  ^^ Whee!
Less than 3 weeks to go and it will all be over! (With the exception of a work exhibition in early July).
Actually it wont even be 3 weeks for me, as i'll be at Download2008 rocking, dancing and drinking my phucking ass off! XD Good times ahead!

For some strange reason, when i first took this course, I thought a BTEC would be the easy way out, with no exams and all..... MAN was i wrong!  x___x 

Anyone else finally coming to the end of this stressful period? Exams or not.

Peace out!
22nd-Feb-2008 10:27 pm - REJECTED! DAMN YOU UCAS!
Nooooooooooooooooo!!!! I gots rejected from the course i wanted to do at Uni! (TV Production)  Damnit damnit damnit!!!  ='(
Well, looks like my dream career is out the window now, so long!
The question now is do i accept the course i chose as a back-up plan, Interactive Media. Frankly i see it as being related almost in -no- way to TV production, but it has a few factors im sorta interested in.... However, should i take this course on the off chance that i -might- like it? Can any University veterans give me a helping hand here? I have no idea what i should do... :'(

Heeeeelp a fox!
29th-Nov-2007 09:11 am - Damn...
Well, it seems that Plucky the fursuit wont be making it to RBW after all... This is a real shame, as its one of the things i've been most excited about. 
He was dispatched from the US on Monday,  have no idea what the problem is with ParcelForce, but all im seeing when i track the parcel number is 'Status: Advised'    God only knows what that means.   My best guess is he hasnt even got off the freaking plane yet.
There is a slim chance that he may turn up tomorrow at some point, but to be frank thats really no good, seeing how i'll be at college nearly all day. 

To make things worse i am now left without any form of costume to go along with the 'Furs in Black' theme. I dont even have a tux or what-not. x.x

Soz folks, no floofy hugs to be handed out this year. =(
21st-Nov-2007 04:21 pm - Bouncy!

I feel as RBW draws closer and closer my ability to wait rapidly decreases! Last year was incredible, this year promises to be off the chart!! With less then two weeks to go im freaking bouncing off the walls!! :D
and to make things worse, Joecifur has assured me that Plucky teh suit WILL be here in time for RBW! (Thanks dude, your awesome! :3) 

Anyone else out there excited as i am?  =D

11th-Nov-2007 05:07 pm - Waaaaagh!!! D:
Why me!!! WHY!!!!!  X_X
This week has just kept going from bad to worse!
It first began with me getting -hugely- excited at the arrival of my new PC game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I lept onto my computer, bouncing like a kid at Christmas. I get the game all set up, installed and prepared for some good hardcore gaming when suddenly *BLEEP* Some wierd message about D3D or some shite. After some research it turned out that i needed to upgrade my DirectX to 9.0c or something, so thats what i did. Second attempt, this time i got a little further, i could open the games menu, select Single player and get a cool Call of Duty 4 loading picture come up, hopes were building, and then... *bloop* gone, the damn thing just shut down. By this time a rather large vein wall already slowly growing in my forehead. After several miserable attempts at loading the game i did a little more research... only to find that my fucking graphics card was -just- too old to support the game. o_o
Well that ruined and wasted my saturday anyways, but i was DETERMINED to play this damned game. I did a lil research Sunday morning for a descent graphics card, ordered it and went down to PC world to pick it up. At this time i was beginning to think that i may actually get to play the game today....  ...how wrong i was. Once we got it home, my dad offered to get the thing installed. Now knowing he is quite a computer expert i let him get on with it. An hour later he calls to me and explains that he has accidently short-circuited the motherboard *Big breath*  


So yes, im an uphappy guy right now...
We took the poor thing to a friends house for some advice on how to repair it.
So now im sat here, on my dads laptop with the slowly and -hopefully- recovering PC growling away in the background, recovering files or some shit thats taking a good 1% every half hour. :(

So yah... not a great weekend really.

On top of all that, i'm beginning to feel fairly anxious that my long anticipated fursuit wont be completed in time for RBW. Think i'll just be completely distraught if it doesn't.
29th-Oct-2007 08:45 pm - Plucky's turn to Grrr!!
Ok, now im not usually the sort to whine or bitch about stuff, but recently something has been ticking me off more and more. 
Have you ever had a purely random MSN, yahoo or w/e invite from someone who you have NO idea who they are? Im sure nearly everyone has...  its been happening a lot to me recently, and not to be hard-ass i accept the invitations and see what kind of person this is. It usually begins with me making some normal, polite conversation with the person, "What animal are you? What are your interests?" etc... and then the SAME GOD DAMNED thing happens that has been happening over and over through the last few months! 
Wanna guess what these folk say?
Im sure you can guess, but heres a few examples...

"Slides his paws down your pants slowly and squeezes"
"Lowers himself onto his knees and nuzzles your crotch"
"Gives your rump a firm, tight squeeze"

Now its at this point that i am burrying my head into my hands and groaning "fuckfuckfuck, WHY did i invite this looney!?"
Seriously though, to all you people who have done this to anybody, WHAT THE FOOK!? Dont you think you should atleast get to know this person longer than 10 minutes before you start trying cyber-rape them!?
I tell you, when this happens it really makes me pause for a bit and think to myself, "Hmm.. Maybe all those 
moany,  elitist furs are right, maybe a lot of furs truely have absolutely no social skills and have one damne thing
on their minds.." 


*takes a calm deep breath*

Und thats all for now. Good night!  =^^=
9th-Oct-2007 06:28 pm - 18th! :)

Wheee! Iz ma 18th birthday today!  
.And that can mean only one thing!....

...TO THE PUB!!! :D :D :D

26th-Aug-2007 02:27 pm - Recommended Drink: Jagermeister!
Finally got around to having *some* of this yesturday, and all i can say is "Woa!"
I was inspired to try this drink after hearing it talked about on the Funday Pawpet Show and i STRONGLY recommend it to anyone who enjoys a strong alcoholic beverage!  =)

It has quite a perculiar taste, me and my pals decided it sorta resembled the flavour of cough medicine X)
Anyway, if you are going to try this drink then i suggest drinking it with Red Bull, it really gives it a kick!

Also, dont go crazy when drinking Jagermeister, it only took about 4 glasses before i was under the table...

10th-Jul-2007 09:07 pm - a new world record!! ....surely?

One paragraph... one MEASLY paragraph in **6** hours!  x_x

Thats right... 6 whole hours.

Ever had a day when you know you gotta get on with something important, but your brain just DIES and you spend rest of the day staring blankly into the computer screen? Well that happened today but much, much worse than usual.. >.<


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